Sunday, March 22, 2009

Its been one year since Nelson and I have been together. Ahhh! I can totally believe it though. He really is the sweetest and most romantic guy I know. My Nellypoo. =P He came all the way down from Berkeley to see me on Valentine's day because he didn't want to miss our first Valentine's together. Yes, "aww" now. Haha. And he also was able to come home for spring break on the day of our one year anniversary. I got to spend this day with him too. We went to MOCA Teen Night together and it was a lot of fun because I was with Nelson and abstract art! We analyzed Jackson Pollack's Number 1 like super art nerds that like to bs stuff. The mirrors were cool too. We loved the Dan Graham exhibit.

We went into a room like the one pictured, but were in separate rooms. Haha! The wall in between A and B was clear and soundproof so Nelson calls me on my cell phone. Best of all, he gave me a list of our similarities - and let me just say, there are alot!