Tuesday, August 11, 2009


No I'm not referring to the band that took a famous Beatles song for their band name but I really really hate saying goodbye. It makes me sad thinking about saying goodbye to my family. As much as I love the idea of being on my own it's actually very scary. I know it's sappy but I cried the other day while I was semi packing or thinking about stuff to bring. And even though I don't get along with my family I'm going to miss being with them. Last week was the mound dinner and sort of like an end note to a fun summer. I'm going to miss all of my friends too. We're going to be scattered in California and I guess around the US. Nonetheless I'm glad that we had that exclusive time to spend with each other before we go our separate ways. Yeah goodbyes suck and reminiscing makes it even worse. =[

And why is it so hard for me to pack for Berkeley? I'm terribly indecisive. I keep buying new stuff and inside I know I'm expecting myself to bring a lot of my old belongings. Well I really want to but with a triple I don't think that would be the wisest of decisions. It's going to be extremely difficult sharing a room with two other girls. I've had my own room for many many years and a private bathroom as well so the idea of sharing a tiny room and a floor bathroom is daunting. At least it won't be a coed floor because boys are gross. Just kidding :)

To go on about my unproductive summer - it was very... unproductive. No one hired me or even called me back so my dreams to get a job the summer before I started college were dashed. Secondly I didn't get to go to all of the places that I wanted to go since I was so lazy and I didn't even bother getting my driver's license. I guess I'll have to wait until next summer. But the real reason for my excessive laziness are my strict parents. They didn't want me going out all the time, especially with Nelson. Bummer. However I did have a great birthday party [thanks Mom and Dad]. Yeah they gave me a debut at the Westin Bonaventure and for the first time in my life I felt pretty and in the center of attention [thank you Hair and Makeup guy I couldn't have pulled it off without you] I had a really great time though and it was so worth it =] All of my closest friends were there and all of my relatives and family friends so it turned out to be a really sweet birthday party. I can't believe I'm 18!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to say that I had just as much fun as with the time I went to Disneyland with Nelson on my real birthday. Let me just say that Disneyland is so much better with one other person because there's no use in arguing with your group deciding whether to go to the Mad Hatter Bobsled ride or the Alice and Wonderland tea cups. It's great for a couple date :)

Let's see [looks back at previous blogs] OH! I got the Leadership Award I was talking about earlier. Yay $1,500 goes into my CARS account. It's not much but it is something considering I don't get much financial aid. There's an award's ceremony right when school starts so that should be interesting. Actually what's interesting is the dress code. I hate hate hate when events say business casual because I really have no idea which way to go. Business or casual? I don't ever want to be too dressed down for an event but I don't want to be too overdressed. Sigh. The little details of life that cause me so many headaches.

This looks like a safe outfit. Yay! Problem solved - thank god for the internet.